Digital Campus Leipzig ​

Background of the Digital Campus

The process of digitization affects all areas of life and work, it employs people involved in business, science, research and urban society. In order to keep pace with rapid development in the areas of infrastructure and technologies, data and algorithms, prerequisites must be created. New ways of thinking and working should be encouraged, new digital entrepreneurship enabled and an urban society that is networked online should be built up. Most of the skilled workers are not yet sufficiently qualified to develop and operate digital applications and related business models. Increasingly digitalization administrations, municipal and private companies need employees who have key and special skills in the field of digitalization. As digitalization progresses, there is therefore a need for education and further training for students, trainees in all disciplines, those working in administration and business and, conversely, also for teachers. Leipzig’s urban society also does not yet have the option of acquiring digital skills in a central offering in order to be able to understand the strategic decisions of the city at any time and to help shape them in a participatory manner. The Digital Campus would like to close this gap.

Digital Campus Leipzig as a priority project of the Digital City Expert Commission (Expertenkommission Digitale Stadt)

The establishment of a Digital Campus Leipzig is a priority project of the Digital City Expert Commission founded by Mayor Burkhard Jung. The Digital Campus working group set up for this purpose consists of participants from Leipzig universities and other educational institutions, representatives of the L group and the city of Leipzig. The actors united in the working group come from different areas and pursue the following goals:

  • Education / training in different formats for different target groups
  • Networking, knowledge transfer and cooperation in the Digital Campus ecosystem based on existing structures and initiatives
    Development of an analog location and a digital platform for the Digital Campus
  • Dissemination of practical and scientific knowledge with a focus on digitization in urban society


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