Virtual interactive sightseeing walk for families through Leipzig

Category: Online Tourism

Challenge Title

Virtual interactive sightseeing walk for families through Leipzig


How can digitalisation in the form of an app create a new on-site experience and bundle family-friendly offers in combination with gamification, edutainment and storytelling?

Challenge Description

Families with children are mainly travelling in the Leipzig region, but also visit the zoo, the Panometer and the Children’s Museum in the city of Leipzig. However, a 2-hour city tour is not the first choice for a family that needs more flexibility on a city trip and no fixed guided tours. A digital application for a city tour could offer this flexibility, but it lacks well-prepared content for this target group.


The aim of the app is therefore to attract families to Leipzig’s city centre with interactive and child-friendly offers, to inform, entertain and surprise them.


The virtual experience via app and an integrated game takes the family on an entertaining tour through the city. Here they discover well-known Leipzig sights such as the opera, the Gewandhaus, the City-Tower, Nikolaikirche, the Mädler Passage/Auerbachs Keller, the market square and much more, interspersed with visits to the play street. Standing in front of the buildings, users can explore the interior with their mobile phones via augmented reality (AR) technology. The game is intended to lure users into the buildings, e.g. to reach higher levels or to find out the next spot on the city tour.


In cooperation with Leipzig Zoo, you receive an animal symbol at each spot. Those who have collected all the animals receive a discounted admission to Leipzig Zoo as well as a further incentive for the children, for example an ice cream or a zoo souvenir as a reward.


The application should be interesting for children with simple questions and a gaming effect as well as for adults with edutainment. The AR application can be used to arouse interest in the medium and the city of Leipzig with its cultural sights as a product.


At every spot, further suitable offers for families can be displayed (“You might also be interested in this…”), tips for family-friendly and barrier-free restaurants can be given, as well as special recommendations for families with small children for toilets, playgrounds, nursing areas and so on.

Vision / Expected Result

Through this challenge, the City of Leipzig seeks for an idea for the implementation of a new app as an on-site experience and to bundle family-friendly offers in combination with gamification, edutainment and storytelling.

The target group of the app are families with children who use a diverse range of tourist offers, such as the Leipzig Zoo in the city, but also climbing forests or the lakes area in the Leipziger Land.

This app should also inspire a trip to Leipzig and the surrounding area. Even before the holiday experience, content and the app technology should attract to discover the city and the region.

When developing the app please consider that the Tourismus Marketing Gesellschaft Sachsen mbH (TMGS) is currently setting up a central tourism database as an Open Data Platform. The app should be able to be linked to the platform for data maintenance and retrieval.  

Thank you for your interest in the Smart City Challenge Leipzig 2021.