Chatbot for Applicants with Artificial Intelligence Support in Recruiting

Category: Personal Management/HR

Challenge Title

Chatbot for Applicants with Artificial Intelligence Support in Recruiting

Research Question

How can AI applications in the recruiting process lead to increased efficiency in standardized selection processes and how can a chatbot be used as a user-friendly communication tool on an individual basis?

Challenge Description

What is the current situation (specific background information and basic understanding of the local problem)?


  • Chatbot: many inquiries about standardized process steps are received (e.g., process duration, procedure, contact persons, etc.), recruiters are not consistently reachable by phone or email, callbacks and responses are delayed, tying up resources, no fixed office hours.
  • Content-related questions from applicants are accepted by office staff regarding the current status of job postings, technical questions are forwarded to recruiters.
  • Questionnaires: Questionnaires are manually created and formatted by recruiters in each process, content is oriented towards job profiles and required competencies for the position, questions from past “own” processes are used or new questions are designed, exchange of questions between recruiters does not occur regularly, formatting is done using Word templates, manual adjustments in formatting are necessary.


What is the need for action?

  • Chatbot: To be closer to the applicant, improve communication with applicants, faster communication.
  • Many talents decide on another position during the recruiting process (attractiveness, response time, communication tools of competitors).
  • Introduce talents to the company/job/colleagues during the recruiting process.
  • Questionnaires: Currently, there is no central storage location for standard questions for all recruiters, manual review and selection of questions are required and time-consuming for each process, no uniform structure of questions.


What added value should the solution offer?

  • Chatbot: Represents a modern communication tool, intuitive information retrieval, replaces the previous “FAQ info page,” interested parties receive only the information that matches their inquiry as quickly as possible, regardless of the availability of contact persons – no need to wait long for a response.
  • Advantages:
    • Transparency and clarity about the new position and tasks
    • Relieve the HR department
    • Reduce early turnover


Questionnaires: Each recruiter can draw from the same “database” of standardized questions, more precise and diverse questioning is possible, standard questions have the same pattern/structure and can be individually adapted, time savings, uniform, faster formatting of questionnaires.

Vision / Expected Result

What specific result / type of solution is being sought?

  • Chatbot for answering questions about the job placement process on
  • Automatic questionnaire creation based on job profile and/or integration of a database as a storage location for standardized questions: sorting by competencies with retrieval/filter function (building block principle) to quickly compile a selection of questions for specific competencies, which can then be individually adapted or expanded.
  • Possibly a suggestion via ChatGPT (as a tool for recruiters) if not feasible via a separate app/database.
  • No integration with rexx applicant management system possible (rexx does not offer this, as they develop it themselves).


How should this be utilized?

  • Chatbot: Daily use through integration on, unanswered questions will be forwarded to employees’ email addresses.
  • AI-supported video games related to the position/department.
  • Virtual buddy for FAQs during onboarding (a kind of Alexa/Siri).
  • Questionnaires: Creating questionnaires based on competency profiles/previous similar job placement processes, possibly with suggestions via ChatGPT (for recruiters).


What framework conditions (technical, legal, regulatory, etc.) must be considered/complied with?

  • Compliance with data protection regulations and IT security in accordance with SächsDsDG (ongoing exchange and coordination with the data protection officer of the city of Leipzig in the work process).
  • Designing the web application or app to be barrier-free according to BITV 2.0/WCAG guidelines (ongoing coordination to ensure compliance with the coordinator for accessible communication of the city of Leipzig).
  • Integration of the chatbot on


(no interface to rexx applicant management system possible).


Victoria Illmer
Projektleiterin Digitalisierung


Tel.: 0341 1232718

Additional Information

Kommunale Gemeinschaftsstelle für Verwaltungsmanagement 2023): KGSt-Denkanstoß: Künstliche Intelligenz in der Kommunalverwaltung (u.a. S. 11 EU-Risikoklassen zur Anwendung von KI). Köln.


Behrndt, J. (n.n.): Wie Ihr Unternehmen von Künstlicher Intelligenz (KI) profitieren kann. Bielefeld.


Völke, U. (2020): Recruiting Intellicence Guide. Wiesbaden: Haufe Onboarding-Studie 2023 zeigt, verzeichnet über ein Drittel der Arbeitgeber Kündigungen vor dem ersten Arbeitstag. Bei über der Hälfte führen falsche Erwartungen der Neuen zur Frühfluktuation.

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