Citizen's Allowance Calculator+ - your personalised entitlement calculator

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Challenge Title

„Bürgergeldrechner+ – Dein individueller Anspruchsrechner“ (Citizen’s Allowance Calculator+ – your personalised entitlement calculator)

Research Question

How is it possible to calculate the most accurate possible entitlement to a citizen’s allowance with as little input as possible and thus provide guidance?

Challenge Description

With the increase in standard rates, the number of potential applicants for the Leipzig Job Centre is also growing. However, many people do not know exactly what the calculation basis is.


How high would be the entitlement of my family? Do we already have too high an income to receive support benefits?


Furthermore, there are priority benefits such as housing allowance or child benefit, the possible entitlement of which can also be determined as part of a rough calculation.


Especially in the initial application service, there is an increasing number of applications that are rejected due to missing requirements. Often, the income in relation to the individual need is decisive h

The “Bürgergeldrechener+” (Citizen’s Allowance Calculator+) aims to provide an orientation based on a few inputs, which calculates both a potential entitlement to citizen’s benefits and considers other benefits such as housing allowance or child benefit, providing relevant hints for application. Additionally, based on the cold rent and ancillary costs, it should already be checked whether the job center would permanently cover the costs of accommodation and heating. In addition to the result in dynamic text form, direct links or documents are displayed to seamlessly facilitate the next step of application or registration for online platforms such as Jobcenter.Digital.

Vision / Expected Result

The intended web tool aims to achieve the assessment of entitlement using as accurate approximation values as possible through a web form. The web tool should later be accessible via the website of, for example, the Jobcenter Leipzig or the city of Leipzig.

Content-wise, the questions are divided into various visually identifiable categories, which can be filled intuitively or based on general information. As soon as you switch to the next input field, simple language hints regarding the information to be provided will be displayed.

Technically, the inputs are processed through JavaScript functions, and the result is directly calculated in the web browser. At no point are the data stored, and no interface to a database is required since the form inputs are directly utilized within the form.
An explanation of data protection and security is nevertheless advisable in order to inform users.
In addition to the result, corresponding links and websites for further applications are displayed, and the integration of flyers and information material is also possible. Ultimately, not only the result of the calculation, but also a short step-by-step guide to the application process should be recognisable.


Christian Golle


Beauftragter für Digitalisierung (Digitalisation Officer)

Thank you for your interest in Smart City Challenge Leipzig 2024.