Jugendparlament Leipzig (Youth Parliament Leipzig) - Making participation digital accessible

Category: Society/Democracy

Challenge Title

Jugendparlament Leipzig (Youth Parliament Leipzig) – Making participation digital accessible

Research Question

How can we make the Youth Parliament digitally accessible to all young people?

Challenge Description

The Youth Parliament of the City of Leipzig represents the interests of all young people aged 14 to 21 in Leipzig vis-à-vis the City Council and the city administration.

It consists of 20 elected members. They have the opportunity to play an active role in the various working groups and thus participate in the politics of our city.

Youth participation formats such as the youth parliament are often unknown to young people or are not or only barely used despite being known.

The youth parliament lacks opportunities,

  • to provide information on possible and current topics in a good and understandable way,
  • make information on the impact of and opportunities for participation in and via the youth parliament easily accessible,
  • Enable young people to get involved and participate at a low threshold from their living environment (e.g. neighbourhood),
  • to achieve a wide reach for information and programmes.


We are looking for a solution (an app, a web application or the interaction of several existing applications) that takes into account the needs and technically supports/strengthens the youth parliament participation format. This solution is called an application below.


As an example of digital methods of child and youth participation, information should be made available, processes and results made transparent and participation in processes made possible.


Telling and experiencing success stories (processes) can help to demonstrate the opportunities for active participation and thus encourage more young people to get involved.

Vision / Expected Result

The youth parliament is supported by the application:

  • Support in the communication and visibility of the youth parliament
  • a connection to existing digital tools / communication channels (e.g. Leipzig app), as redundancies should be taken into account
  • The possibility of making the success stories of the Youth Parliament’s work more visible
  • For the upcoming election of the Youth Parliament, the presentation (storytelling about the candidates) and feedback with the interests of the voters will be possible
  • Opportunities for young people to communicate ideas to the youth parliament and to easily follow the progress of the process



Requirements for an application:

  • The wish is for an /application that provides centralised and up-to-date information on youth participation in the Leipzig Youth Parliament and other opportunities for participation in the city of Leipzig.
  • The application should bundle dates, locations and offers.
  • It is important that the content and formats can be added, edited and deleted by the members of the youth parliament themselves
  • The application should be as easy to use as possible
  • The application should be multilingual


The application should take into account/fulfil the accessibility requirements (Act implementing Directive (EU) 2016/2102 on the accessibility of the websites and mobile applications of public sector bodies Accessible Websites Act)


Jugendparlament (Youth Parlaiment)
Jurek Kennert, Adrian Habermann

E-Mail: jugend.parlament@leipzig.de

Pia-Mareike Heyne,
Referat für Demokratie und gesellschaftlichen Zusammenhalt (Department for Democracy and Social Cohesion)

E-Mail: pia-mareike.heyne@leipzig.de

Additional Information

Further links to the Youth Parliament:

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  2. Unsere Arbeit – Jugendparlament Leipzig (work of Youth Parlaiment)
  3. Jugendparlament Leipzig (@jupaleipzig) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos (Instagram account)

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